Bo is the love of my life. Twenty-six years ago, this November, we met by accident on our way back to Boston.

While we both happened to be in San Francisco, our flights were cancelled. We were booked on two entirely different airlines, on our way back to the east coast at the same time. As fate would have it, we were both re-routed on the same flight via Charlotte with another airline company. We were seated next to each other.

Twenty-six years later, and here we are, on another adventure. Only this time, we’re searching for a healthy kidney for Bo.

Bo is the kindest person I’ve ever met. It pains him to see another human or an animal in any distress or pain. Even though he hates bugs, he won’t even kill a single one that he finds in our house! He’ll set it free to run around outside.

He is always there to quietly help those animals or people in pain or in need, with no fanfare of any kind.

Now, the love of my life is in need of a kidney.

I want nothing more than to grow old with him, and all I want is to help him on his road to getting a successful kidney transplant. He and I still have a lot to give back. We’ve already learned so much about kidney disease, and what a huge issue this is in our country and around the world. It only seems right that he lives to help others the way he always has, and always will.

Please help me find a kidney for Bo. Help us raise awareness about the value of an organ transplant, and how a living donor stepping forward greatly increases the quality and longevity of life for a recipient.

For some of you, this might be one of the few times you’ve heard me be so vocal. I have never embraced social media, or broadcasting my life over the internet – I even had to find my Gmail and Facebook passwords because I’d not logged on in a zillion years! – but now, I am back online, to help my husband get the kidney he needs.

With all that has transpired health-wise in our lives these past few years, we have been nose to the grindstone balancing work with health, home, and community. It’s not easy for sure.

I of course want nothing more than to be Bo’s direct living donor. The doctors have told us it is not so straightforward. First, I must wait until August, the 2-year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. Secondly, once I am evaluated, even if I am eligible to donate, there is a high probability I may not be a match (more than blood type determines a match). In this situation, a living donor exchange is possible. To do this, Bo would still need someone who is his match whom I can ‘swap’ my kidney with, meaning I’d donate to their recipient instead. You can see how complicated this can get. So, we remain adamant in our search for a living donor while raising awareness of others in need.

The last thing I had time for was getting back on social media, and I find being on the computer after work mind numbing. Yet, here we are, back in full force and ready to spread the good word!

I believe there is a silver lining in everything. The urgency of the present moment has forced us all to slow down and reprioritize all aspects of our daily lives. For me, this has included putting work lower on the list to make Bo’s search for a kidney possible.

Please reach out and contact me. Don’t assume any question or comment you have is too small to share. We want to hear from you. We want to connect. Most importantly, we want to find the perfect living donor who can generously give one of their kidneys to my husband and love of my life, Bo.

Please help me help him.

Yours, Paul

(774) 538-9809