Bo Found a Kidney!

I’ve found a match! On Thursday, April 29th, my donor and I will undergo our surgeries at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

We are so happy to update everyone on the status of my search for a living donor! It has been an interesting journey to say the least, and I am incredibly grateful to all of you who’ve stuck with me this far. I’ll be posting status updates about my transplant experience to my Facebook page, so please make sure you’re following and liking me there to stay in the loop!

Thanks again for all the love and support. It got me through a difficult, crazy time. Don’t go anywhere. I still need you. I have a long road ahead but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Love always, Bo

*To continue to follow Bo’s journey, follow all of the updates on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/kidney4bo

Please also continue to follow this site, as we dedicate it to others within our community in need of a Kidney. Updates to follow!


Hi it’s Paul ,

We are so very grateful for the anonymous donor that has come through with a life saving kidney for Bo.

Words can not describe this past year and a half but the outpouring of love, grace and good karma from our family , friends and acquaintances  and the incredible people in this quirky but wonderful community we call home has truly kept us going.

We are ramping up our pre and post surgery plans now. Watch for updates on our Kidney4Bo Facebook page as we progress and Bo and his donor have the surgery and recover.

While Bo is recovering, I am going to work on converting the web site and all of our efforts to something that others in our community can use to find a life saving organ donor. We have become aware that there are 2 other people in town that have just started a search for a kidney. The need is great and viable kidneys are rare.

Watch for the transformation as Bo recovers.

And most importantly please check of that organ donor box when you renew your license or consider being a living kidney donor yourself.

With Gratitude , Love and Thanks

Paul, Oliver and Aurora

Bo and Paul at the Beach © Kidney4Bo
My husband Paul (left) and I walking along the beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts